Advanced Equipment

At Grove Dental Associates we use new technologies to provide excellence in dental care. We understand that the field of dentistry is constantly evolving. New techniques and procedures are being created to improve dental health and provide beautiful smiles.

Grove Dental is at the forefront of advanced dental technology and we make full use of the latest innovations. Dr's. Crawford and Miller continuously research new technologies and attend several training seminars every year. We use only the most current, safe, and effective dental technologies available for your procedures. When you come to Grove Dental, you can be sure that you are getting the most advanced care with the latest technology.

Galileos 3D Scanner

scannerGrove Dental now has the Galileos 3D Scanner that allows Dr. Stan to place implants with pin point precision. It also enables Dr. Rick and Dr. Audrey to diagnose periodisease and problems beneath the gums with amazing accuaracy.

The high resolution volumetric images produced by our scanner provides complete 3D views of critical anatomy for more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation allowing precision and accuracy in dental implant planning and surgery.

PerioLase – Laser Periodontal Therapy

Grove Dental Associates is excited to offer our patients the latest innovation in dental technology. The PerioLase® from Millennium Dental Technologies is the only laser designed especially for Laser Periodontal Therapy (LPT). Designed to optimize the performance of LPT, the PerioLase® has the power and versatility to perform a wide range of soft and hard tissue laser procedures, allowing us to perform many gum tissue procedures without causing the trauma associated with traditional gum surgery. PerioLase's precision laser beam effectively removes bacteria, damaged gum tissue, overgrown gum tissue, and can even perform soft tissue biopsies and cold sore treatment.


The CEREC Difference. Restoring damaged teeth with crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays used to require multiple appointments, long waits while dental labs prepared ceramics, and bothersome temporary fillings and crowns. Not at Grove Dental! Grove Dental Associates is proud to be one of the select dental practices nationwide to offer the advanced CEREC 3D milling system. This new on-site, computerized system designs beautiful, durable, natural-looking fillings, crowns, and veneers while you wait, often in under two hours.

How does CEREC work? First the CEREC 3D system makes digital images of your teeth using a specialized, high-precision camera. The computer then uses these images to design a custom restoration for you, matching the exact fit and shade of your natural teeth. Finally, the milling unit produces your restoration while you wait. We then easily bond the new restoration to your tooth and your dental work is complete!

Why is CEREC better? CEREC restorations offer numerous advantages over traditional methods. They are convenient and timesaving-no more dental impressions, temporary fillings, waiting on crowns, or repeat visits. Patients can come to our office with a broken or damaged tooth and go home ready to eat their favorite foods. In addition, ceramic restorations are a gentle, conservative approach to tooth restoration. They preserve more of your tooth’s natural structure and actually leave the tooth stronger than it was before. The adhesive bonding also tightly seals the ceramic like no other cement in dentistry, eliminating any risk of infection from gapping or invading germs.

Our porcelain-ceramic veneers and crowns are so natural looking that no one will be able to tell the difference between your restored teeth and your natural teeth! Beautiful CEREC restorations can last a lifetime and prevent costly future repairs.

How long does it take? Most CEREC crowns, veneers, and inlays can be completed in just one appointment - in about an hour and a half. This ease is made possible because Grove Dental has complete chairside control over the fabrication with the aid of the computerized CEREC system.

How much does it cost? CEREC restorations cost about the same as metal inlays and crowns.

How long will my new restorations last? Since CEREC is pure dental ceramic, it will not break down in the mouth’s saliva or with normal chewing. This means that CEREC restorations can outlast metal inlays and crowns - lasting up to 20 years or more without need for replacement.

The CEREC Process

Step #1 - Optical Impression. There's no need for a messy impression. All we do is prepare your damaged tooth by painting a thin layer of reflective powder directly on the tooth's surface. The optical impression is then taken by a special computerized camera. The result is a pin-sharp impression of the tooth without any discomfort or waiting period.

Step #2 - Computer Aided Design. The computer aided design technology helps us design the restoration from the optical impression. You can actually watch us design your new restoration on a full-color computer monitor right before your eyes! There's no wait. All you have to do is sit back and watch for a few minutes before the milling process begins.

Step #3 - Precise milling process. Computer aided manufacturing creates an extremely precise restoration while you watch! We start with a solid block of ceramic material that matches the color of your tooth. We then place that material inside the CEREC, where a high-speed diamond bur and disk work simultaneously to precisely mill the restoration. Finally, we bond the newly milled restoration to your tooth using state-of-the-art adhesive dentistry. The entire restoration process, from optical impression to bonding, is painless, quick, and can instantly improve your quality of life.

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