Dental Procedure Videos

Grove Dental Associates is ready to give you back the teeth you want and deserve. We specialize in a wide array of dental procedures, from teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and orothodontic practices, for the Grand Lake and surrounding areas.

Dental Procedure Videos provide our patients with the latest information available regarding many of the dental procedures performed at Grove Dental Associates.

Each accordion tab links to a procedure of interest.




Esthetic Dentistry



Hygiene Habits & Nutrition Nutrition and Health
Hygiene Habits & Nutrition Oral Piercing
Hygiene Habits & Nutrition Smokeless Tobacco
Periodontal Disease Smoking and Periodontal Disease
Hygiene Habits & Nutrition Soft Drinks and Health

Hygiene Professional Care Fluoride
Hygiene Professional Care Full Mouth Debridement
Hygiene Professional Care Hygienists
Hygiene Professional Care Importance of Regular Exams
Periodontal Disease 3 Month Recare
Hygiene Professional Care Prophylaxis
Periodontal Disease Scaling and Root Planing Procedure
Hygiene Prevention Sealants
Hygiene Professional Care Ultrasonic Scaling

Hygiene Homecare Brushing
Hygiene Homecare Disclosing Tablets
Hygiene Homecare Electric Toothbrush
Hygiene Homecare Flossing
Hygiene Homecare Oral Irrigator
Hygiene Homecare Periodontal Involvement
Hygiene Homecare Superfloss
Hygiene Homecare Cleaning Prosthetics


Initial Visit

Oral Conditions



Pediatrics Ankylosis Diagnosis
Pediatrics Cavities Diagnosis
Pediatrics Early Childhood Decay
Pediatrics First Year, First Visit Diagnosis
Pediatrics Lap Exam Diagnosis
Pediatrics Oral Habits Diagnosis

Pediatrics Prevention Brushing
Pediatrics Prevention Disclosing Tablets
Pediatrics Prevention Flossing
Pediatrics Prevention Importance of Primary Teeth
Pediatrics Prevention Infant Teeth Homecare
Pediatrics Prevention Mouthguards
Pediatrics Prevention Post-Natal Cavity Risk
Pediatrics Prevention Pre-Natal Cavity Risk
Hygiene Prevention Sealants
Pediatrics Prevention Xylitol

Pediatrics Behavior Management
Pediatrics Braces Care
Pediatrics Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric What is a Cavity

Pediatrics Air Abrasion Procedure
Pediatrics Fillings Procedure
Pediatrics Fluoride Procedure
Pediatrics Fractured Anterior Tooth Procedure
Pediatrics IV Sedation Procedure
Pediatrics Nitrous Oxide
Pediatrics Oral Sedation Procedure
Pediatrics Pulpectomy Procedure
Pediatrics Pulpotomy Procedure
Pediatrics Rubber Dam
Pediatrics Space Maintainer Procedure
Pediatrics Stainless Steel Crowns Procedure

Pediatrics Kirby Brushing
Pediatrics Kirby Flossing

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease Crown Lengthening Surgery
Periodontal Disease Surgery Esthetic Crown Lengthening
Periodontal Disease Flap Surgery
Periodontal Disease Surgery Free Gingival Graft
Periodontal Disease Gingivectomy Surgery
Periodontal Disease Surgery Replacing Bone
Periodontal Disease Surgery Sinus Lift
Periodontal Disease Surgery Sub Epithelial Gingival Graft

Periodontal Disease Alternatives
Periodontal Disease Alternatives Medications

Periodontal Disease Diagnosis Gingivitis
Periodontal Disease Periodontal Abscess
Periodontal Disease Diagnosis Periodontal Disease
Periodontal Disease Smoking and Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease Systemic Effects Cardiovascular Health
Periodontal Disease Systemic Effects Diabetes
Periodontal Disease Systemic Effects Low Birth Weight
Periodontal Disease Systemic Effects Pregnancy
Periodontal Disease Systemic Effects Respiratory Infections

Periodontal Disease 3 Month Recare
Periodontal Disease Arestin Procedure
Periodontal Disease Scaling and Root Planing Procedure
Hygiene Professional Care Ultrasonic Scaling

Post-op Periodontal Surgery
Post-op SRP

Post-op Instructions


Root Canal



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