Grove Dental Associates’ Dr. Stan Crawford recently ended his ninth year serving on the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry.  In this role, Dr. Stan contributed to the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry’s mission to protect the public. From licensure and discipline to legislation and statutes, board leadership demands a high degree of diligence and responsibility from the profession.  Dr. Stan has always exemplified this in his own practice.
In addition to his Oklahoma Board of Dentistry duties, Dr. Stan also serves the profession on a national level as a dental examiner for dental students pursing dental licensure.  Throughout the year, he not only oversees the clinical exams but also devotes himself to improving the exam, mentoring students and promoting technological advancements in the industry.  His goal is to improve the standards of education and licensure of America’s future dentists, ensuring the availability of high-quality dentistry for future generations.
As Dr. Stan’s tenure on the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry came to an end in June 2016, he was honored to be succeeded by his wife and fellow dentistry partner, Dr. Audrey Crawford.  Elected last spring by her peers, Dr. Audrey has been expanding her dental career and working tirelessly to uphold the highest dentistry standards across the state.
Dr. Audrey’s experience and wisdom from 25 years of dentistry make her a great fit for this honored board position, and her comprehensive approach to both dental and systemic health creates high expectations and enthusiasm for the future of the profession.  Dr. Audrey is an ideal representative for the dental profession in her new role as board member, in her local dental practice, and in her ongoing participation in community outreach events.
Oklahomans can be confident that under the leadership of Grove Dental Associates’ Drs. Stan and Audrey Crawford, the future of dentistry has never been brighter.
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