Are you the place out on the highway?

Our new facility is adjacent to the Lowes Parking lot and behind our previous building.  Our address is 57 Heffelman Dr, Grove OK 74344, or you can click here for a map.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes!  We reserve time on our schedule every day for new patients to get established with us.  We can usually schedule your first appointment within a week, and we can see ER patients as quickly as 24-48 hours.

Do you accept my insurance?

As a courtesy to our patients, Grove Dental Associates will gladly file all dental insurance policies on your behalf. We are contracted (in-network) providers with Delta Dental Premier, HealthChoice, and Cigna DPPO. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not contracted with Medicare or Medicaid (Soonercare).

Patients without dental insurance are eligible for a 10% Cash/Check discount or a 5% Credit Card discount on treatment plans over $2,500.  Because dental insurance is essentially a coupon system, this cash discount allows our non-insurance patients to receive a similar benefit to patients with dental insurance.

Can I have same day treatment?

It is not our protocol to do same day treatment for undiagnosed problems.  However, we do our best to accommodate both emergencies and non-emergencies based on the time availability of the schedule. In order to complete any treatment, it is necessary to have a current x-ray and a doctor’s diagnosis. We always strive to get our patients out of pain and treated as quickly as possible.

Do you offer any discounts?

For uninsured patients with qualifying treatment, we offer a 10% discount when paying with cash or check, and a 5% when paying with a credit card. We also offer seasonal discounts or specials on treatments or products such as whitening.
Lastly, Grove Dental Associates is pleased to offer new patients without dental insurance, a 25% off coupon to utilize toward their initial comprehensive examination and cleaning.

Do you accept payments?
Grove Dental Associates is committed to helping our patients receive the care they need and deserve, and a large part of this is working closely together to find a way to make dental care affordable. With this in mind, we have contracted with care credit financing, which is a health care lending institution. Through this program, Grove Dental Associates is able to offer qualified patients, 0% interest or low-interest financing options, allowing us to find a payment that fits your budgeting needs.
Do you have a warranty on your work?

Much like the warranty on your car, we stand behind our work as long as you come in for routine checkups and cleanings and complete the recommended preventative maintenance. Please contact us if you ever have questions about what maintenance is needed for your dental work. We’ll be happy to help!

Can I request to see a certain doctor or hygienist?

Sure!  Please communicate to any of our staff members if you have a preference of which dentist or hygienist you would like to see.  We love to accommodate ourpatients and will let you know if the particular staff member is unavailable on the day of your appointment.

Can I have all of my ortho appointments after school (3:30 or later)?

To be fair to all of our ortho patients, we do a rotation that alternates after-school appointments.  We can accommodate some after-school appointments, but not every time. Grove’s school policy does not count you dental appointments toward your absences, and we will write your child an excuse slip if needed. 

I don't want my kids to mess up their perfect attendance at school. What's the latest appointment you take?

Grove’s school policy does not count your child’s dental appointments toward their absences. However, we will happily offer an excuse slip for patients needing appointment documentation, to give to their school or work authorities.

Can I feed the fish?

Yes!  We would love for you to feed the koi fish during our office hours and we will even provide you with fish food! Interesting fact: there is a seasonal restriction in winter due to the koi’s hibernation habits.  When hibernating, they will not eat, even if you try to feed them.

I have to have a driver. Can you have someone pick me up?

Pelivan is Grove’s local transportation system. You can find information on their website for routes and schedules.