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Technology has come to the forefront when it comes to diagnosing periodontal disease in the dental industry. Grove Dental has made sure to invest in dental imagery technology like the Galileo 3D Scanner. The 3D scanner is quick and comfortable and is able to help our dentists easily diagnose a variety of dental diseases. This makes it easier for dentists to prescribe periodontal treatment as well as determine the need for dental implant process and procedure.

grove dental associates facilities


Grove Dental Associates utilizes the best technology in dentistry in regards to safety and ease of use for both the clinician and the patient. When comparing the portable NOMAD handheld device to conventional wall-mounted x-ray units,our dentists easily diagnose  the NOMAD includes internal shielding and an external backscatter shield that minimizes the radiation dosage so significantly, that the operator can stay with the patient during the x-ray’s exposure. This makes the process faster, more comfortable, and efficient for both the dental professionals and patients.

grove dental associates facilities


Without gum disease treatment, the eventual loss of teeth and an increased risk of systemic diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes can occur. However, as the only FDA-approved laser protocol, the  LANAP procedure is a non-surgical treatment option (no cutting, no stitches, and no pain), that sets patients up for lifelong gum health and relief from infection. Compared to the traditional “gum flap surgery” that cuts away infected tissues, the LANAP laser removes the harmful toxins from the tissue and encourages actual tissue and bone regeneration! This is one of the main reasons, Dr. Audrey Crawford of Grove Dental Associates uses a laser for gum disease treatment  – saving teeth, smiles and promoting comprehensive health!

grove dental associates facilities


Just as the technological aspect of dental x-rays has developed over time, the quality and ease of dental care is now significantly improved by the use of the iTero technology. This scanner allows the clinician to easily capture three dimensional and high definition images of the teeth and gums within minutes and without the use of gooey and gagging impression materials. The iTero touch-screen displays a “digital impression” that is also compatible with Invisalign. With the “outcome simulator,” patients can see and know what results to expect following orthodontic treatment – before they even start!

grove dental associates facilities


Traditional surgeries with a scalpel can damage tissue and can often leave patients with stitches, bruising, and excessive bleeding. Comparitively, our doctors use the state of the art, Lightscalpel CO2 laser, which is a concentrated beam light that cleanly “erases” or vaporizes the tissue and seals the blood vessels at the same time! It is used to make incisions or to remove unhealthy tissue with less discomfort and bleeding, reduced risk of infection, shortened procedure time, and a faster recovery with better results!