Learn more about the technology we use to restore and enhance your smile.

Cerec 3D

Cerec 3D allows us to offer restorative dentistry for many procedures in a single visit. In many cases, it eliminates the need for a patient to schedule multiple appointments for procedures like dental crowns, teeth bonding, and dental fillings. This technology allows our dentists to create a tooth crown, dental filling or veneer with all-ceramic material that perfectly matches your teeth in a single appointment. Our patients can come in for a tooth repair and not have to worry about making multiple follow-up appointments to have the procedure completed.

Galileos 3D Scanner

Technology has come to the forefront when it comes to diagnosing periodontal disease in the dentistry industry. Grove Dental has made sure to invest in dental imagery tech like the Galileo 3D Scanner. The 3D scanner is quick and comfortable and is able to help our dentists easily diagnosis a variety of dental diseases. This makes it easier for dentists to prescribe periodontal treatment as well as determine the need for dental implant process and procedure.

LANAP - Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

  • Lanap surgery is a laser periodontal therapy that is used for receding gums treatment and to repair damaged gum tissue. Lanap is offered as a less painful, more successful alternative to conventional surgery.

The History of Grove Dental Associates

Dr. Leonard Miller started his dental practice in Grove in 1969. He bought a trailer and placed it on the local hospital’s property, which is currently Harp’s grocery store. He then bought the property the current dental office is located in 1972. At that time, this location was on the outskirts of town; he was definitely correct in his thinking that the town would grow in this direction. 
He moved his trailer onto the property and began building a new contemporary office in 1973. It was a 1,300 sq. ft office with a modern, yet soon to leak, flat roof. Dr. Leonard Miller then began pursuing his interest in Japanese gardening. He built the pagoda style roof and began the planning of Satsuki Gardens behind the office, including the koi fish pond. The office and gardens turned into a destination for visitors to Grove and even held many small weddings. 
In 1989, Dr. Rick Miller joined his father in the practice. A few years later in 1993, Dr.’s Stan and Audrey Crawford began their practice in a small house they renovated across from the current Harp’s grocery store. In 1996, the Millers and Crawfords decided to merge practices, add on to the current Miller facility and formed what is now known as Grove Dental Associates (Dr. Leonard Miller retired in 1998). 
The technology revolution in dentistry was beginning and they wanted to share in the costs of these technologies that were very costly at that time. They also realized that they all professionally had different areas of dentistry that they enjoyed, and thus, could treat patients more comprehensively if they worked together. Many renovations and minor additions were done to the existing building in the last 20 years as growth occurred. 
Finally, the decision was made that a new facility was needed to be able to extend the legacy that Dr. Leonard Miller had begun nearly 50 years ago. Dr. Raegan Vaughan joined the Grove Dental Associates team, in June of 2016, and the planning of a new facility begun. The current facility has 11 operatories and the new facility will have 14 operatories. Much more
administrative space is needed and will be built into the new facility. Technology has caused
the need for larger operatories, which acted as another catalyst in the building’s urgent need. Parking has also been an issue as well as handicap access; better access and parking for the new building will make it much more user-friendly. Lastly, a larger in-house dental lab and meeting room (which can be used for community events as well) will be great features. 
Grove Dental’s beautiful gardens and koi pond will continue toward the new facility and another koi pond will be created for the kids to be able to feed the fish. We know this is an important part of the Grove Dental experience. 
Our desire is to create a facility that reflects the quality of care we desire for our
patients. We want to create a place where wellness is at the utmost importance and we can help motivate our patients to a lifetime of health.