Serving in unity to provide the highest quality of care available in a comfortable and friendly environment, while discovering the uniqueness of each patient and promoting health and wellness.


Dr. Leonard Miller started his dental practice in Grove in 1969. He bought a trailer and placed it on the local hospital’s property, which is now where Harps grocery is located. Then in 1972, he bought the property “on the outskirts of town,” at 2209 S. Main Street and was correct in thinking that the town would grow in that direction. In 1973, he began the construction of his new 1,300 sq. foot contemporary office and began pursuing his interest in Japanese gardening and architecture. He added a pagoda style roof designed Satsuki Gardens behind the dental office including a koi fish pond. This quickly became a beautiful destination for visitors to Grove and the picture-perfect backdrop for weddings, events, and photography.

In 1989, Dr. Rick Miller joined his father’s dental practice and they worked together until Dr. Leonard’s retirement in 1998. To this day, Dr. Leonard Miller still maintains the iconic gardens of Grove Dental Associates. During that timeframe, Drs. Stan and Audrey Crawford had also opened a dental practice in Grove. After much prayer and planning, the Millers and Crawfords decided to merge practices in 1996, add on to the facility at 2209 S. Main, and form what is now known as Grove Dental Associates. The doctors formed a dental practice that was unlike any others in the area. Each of them excelled in different areas of dentistry and with the booming technology, they offered patients comprehensive care that would grow their practice significantly. Twenty years later, the reputation and customer care of Grove Dental Associates has spread and made it, the premier choice for dental care. Finally, the decision was made that a new facility was needed to allow for the growth of the practice, as well as the addition of Dr. Raegan Vaughan. In 2016, the four doctors began the design of the new facility located at 57 Heffelman Drive.

In 2018, the team of Grove Dental Associates opened a modern 10,000 square foot “Wellness Facility,” featuring beautiful garden and koi pond views from every operatory, a children’s play area, tech bar, handicap access and the best dental technology available. Every aspect and detail was designed with the patient in mind! “Our desire was to build a place or facility that would reflect the quality of care we desire for our patients – where wellness is of the utmost importance.”Thus, from its humble beginnings, Grove Dental Associates now looks forward to serving the Grand Lake surrounding area for many years to come. The team is made up of over 30 employees (many of which are second generation employees). Their peaceful atmosphere, modern technology, excellent customer service and multi-disciplinary dentistry has become their staple that only continues to serve the Grand Lake area!