Pediatric Dentistry

Learning about dental health at a young age is critical for a life filled with good dental hygiene, habits, and health. We recommend that children begin learning and participating in healthy dental habits between 3 and 4 years of age. It truly begins at home, but helping your child to learn to trust their dental providers will benefit all parties involved! 
Grove Dental Associates provides the best children’s pediatric dentistry in the area.  Dr. Audrey Crawford, as a mother of six children, understands the importance of education and empowerment in children’s dental care, and provides a fun and stressfree atmosphere for your child’s appointments.  Her team’s passion for working with children enables them to make every trip to the dentist enjoyable. Utilizing movies, Ipads, nitrous oxide laughing gas,” occasional manicures, education, and prayer, we want our children to be proud of their smile and of their behavior by learning the routines in their dental visits and efficient home care. Grove Dental is dedicated to providing the care and education necessary to put your child on the right path to strong and beautiful teeth.
Grove Dental Associates can provide much more than general dentistry for kids as well. Dr. Rick Miller frequently treats children between the ages of 8 and 12  that will benefit from preventative orthodontics, which intercepts mal-alignment problems before they become severe. Dr. Audrey Crawford also provides a very common frenectomy laser treatment that adjusts the muscle ligaments in the lip attachments or tongue-tie,” that can impede a child’s speech, infant nursing, and teeth-alignment issues.