Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental health is about more than function and hygiene. Feeling confident in your smile can give you the courage to move forward in both your personal and professional life.

Grove Dental Associates excels in all aspects of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, onlays, dental implants, and tooth colored fillings — all designed to give you the perfect smile you deserve. Our goal at Grove Dental Associates is to create a plan customized to help you achieve your best smile and in turn, be your best self.

From Our Patients:

“As always, our visit at Grove Dental was great! Dr. Audrey took her time with us, knows how to interact with kids well, and she was so patient and gentle with my baby. I’ve been a patient at GDA since I was a kid. Their outstanding customer service, dental care and overall kindness to our family is why I will continue to drive from out of town for our dental needs. Very happy with our experience”

Katie Dewey

“Grove Dental is the best choice for all of our family’s dentistry needs. They are warm and welcoming and so up to date. Dr. Rick has taken time over the years to explain things that he has learned that is new to the field or that he has just discovered at a training. Dr. Audrey has sat and explained, in great detail, information to our daughter on enamel concerns and more. They offer the best because they have a heart to do so and it shows. From pediatrics to braces to routine care, they have served our family faithfully and we wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere.”

April Martin

“Everyone at Grove Dental Associates goes above and beyond with amazing services!! They are welcoming and friendly from the moment you walk in the door. They have state of the art technology and their level of professionalism is top notch! Thank you for all you do for our community!!”

Susan Tyree Gentry

“Quite literally the BEST dental team I have ever been treated by. Dr. Miller is very professional and yet incredibly compassionate, he explains what is happening every step of the way. Every single person I came into contact with at the dental center was warm and friendly, they make you feel like you are their highest priority. I highly recommend these wonderful people!.”

Kristy Jackson

“We got our grooves back at Grove Dental Associates!! Had our bi-annual cleanings done today and as usual, what an amazing experience. The procedure was not only painless but relaxing. The staff are so professional and pleasant. They really go above and beyond to make you feel like you are the most important person on the planet and I think they actually believe it too. Thank you Grove Dental family for always doing what you do best!”

Brad Helton

“Words cannot express how grateful and thankful we are for the Doctors and staff at GDA. They always go above and beyond to make their patients feel comfortable, cared for, and like a person first...not just a patient. My family and I have never felt like just patients at GDA and this past week they have shown that more than ever.”

Nikki Roberts

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Miller’s for several years. I’ve also seen both Dr Crawford’s when I’ve had an urgent issue, anytime my children or I have had an urgent need to see a dentist they have always worked me into their schedule. Everyone in their office from the time you walk in the door until you leave are A+, make you feel like you are family, and they truly care about your wellbeing. I’ve always loved looking out the windows at the beautiful koi pond and landscaping, so relaxing!”

Nicole Feagan

“Grove Dental Associates treat my family as if we are a part of their family. There is always a warm welcoming atmosphere and a smile on every face! My youngest son has a complicated orthodontic case but Dr. Miller has a brilliant plan. He has been in braces for a couple of months and we can already see the difference! This team is amazing! We drive from Joplin, MO for their outstanding service! I would highly recommend this team of dental experts!”

Katie Tippitt -Bozarth

“EXCELLENT care!! Very informative visit. Loved learning about my teeth health as well as my sinuses & other health suggestions. Learned more in one visit with Dr. Stan than I have in 30 years with my previous dentist. Everyone in this office was very friendly & caring!”

Tami Wallace

"When our dentist at another clinic recommended putting our 5 year old under anesthesia and having oral surgery to work on her teeth, saying otherwise they would have to have several appointments and it would be way to traumatizing any other way, I didn’t feel good about it. It just seemed to go against everything I’ve ever been taught from a bottom up approach. We contacted the Crawford’s to get their opinion. Dr. Audrey Crawford immediately put me at ease and reassured me she does really well with the little’s, and only a couple times ever has she recommended one to need to be put under anesthesia. I brought Katie in, Audrey was able to complete the work in 2 visits, and Katie now thinks of the dentist as a fun place to go where she gets to watch movies, get her nails painted, and get toys! Audrey and all the staff are so kind and provide such a relaxing peaceful experience for the kids. I’m so thankful for them all! Since then I’ve taken my 3 year old, who’s experience was just as excellent, and my 11 year old, who is now getting braces with Dr. Miller. I highly recommend Grove Dental Associates!”

Elizabeth West

"I always look forward to my dental appointments. Grove Dental is very professional. Pays attention to detail from scheduling to phone reminders to walking out the door after the appointment. Excellent care by all staff. Very nice facility!!! I like to say “I’m headed to my dental spa appointment!”. Thank you Grove Dental for providing excellent care with a personal and professional touch.”

Shanon Coombes Paxson

"Very friendly and Welcoming! Continuously up to date on their knowledge and great competence in care!!! They make you feek like family! They are very understanding and nonjudgmental. Love it here!!”

Logan Thronebury

“If you haven't been to this dentist office, you probably have no idea how wonderful a dental experience can be. Imagine you are checking into a five diamond hotel. You are greeted by name, your waiting time is minimal, you are personally escorted to your room. The latest and greatest equipment is standard procedure. Everything is done to insure your comfort. There's just no place like it. Five Stars for sure.”

Jack Wimer

“Best Dentist in town. Any of these 4 Dentist are caring. They treat you like family, call you my your name. Take time to explain everything they want to do. Have been going to them sent moving to Grove. 20 yrs. ago. The staff are the same way. They treat you so nice, and giving.”

Sondra Hartzfield

“Went in to get 2 crowns and some fillings today before I went on a camping trip. Had the BEST dental experience I have ever had. And to top it off I just got a personal phone call from Dr. Rick to make sure I was doing okay with the work I had done. I would recommend this office to anybody. My kids love Dr Audrey. I have had nothing but good things come out of this office.”

Sarah Olive

“Love all of the people that work here! From the dentist to the hygienist to the person at the front desk. Everyone is kind and patient and really listen to your concerns. My husband hasn't been to the dentist in several years because of a bad experience. He went to see Dr. Crawford and had a great experience. Thank you for all that you do to make us feel comfortable!”

Trisha Jacobs Elkins

“I've always dreaded dentist visits until we started going to Grove Dental Associates. My kids get excited to have check-ups, and even when they need a filling, they leave happy. I wish I could have had them when I was a kid.”

Bobbie Castle

“I visited Grove Dental today and was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful new facility they have established to serve their patients. In addition, I was kindly greeted at the door by the front desk and immediately checked in. I always enjoy going there to catch up on everyone's kids and grandkids and of course the staff asks about my family as well. You are always greeted with a smile and very positive atmosphere. The staff is very gentle and thorough in their work, as well as very well informed and makes it easy to inquire about your own dental health. I have been with Grove Dental in the neighborhood of two decades and so greatly appreciate their kindness, care and expertise.”

Diane Schartz

“How important are your teeth? My wife and I live in Florida, but after our first emergency visit to Grove Dental several years ago...we were hooked. Professional, friendly, gentle dentistry is one of life's more difficult finds, but when I became a patient at Grove it was for life. I have had extensive dental work done over my 65 years of life, but none of the doctors could compare to the staff at Grove Dental!”

Paul Wilbur

“I love Grove Dental Associates! I have always been very scared about going to the dentist! So scared I would get sick! Grove Dental can take all the anxiety out of any situation that you might be getting ready for as a patient. Yes,... I take the little pill that Dr. Stan gives you, and trust me you do not know anything. (LOL) For me, when I am having major work it is the ticket! I also have been through braces with Dr. Rick, and he is excellent! You don't even have to wait when having a crown, you get the actual crown the day of the visit ! You will find the latest technology in their office. At Grove Dental I actually feel like I am their favorite patient. They make everyone feel that way! When you walk in the door you are greeted, offered water, or anything else you might need. The entire staff is so friendly, professional, and caring you will want to go back for the best dental care in town!”

Sandy Coaly