Grove Dental Associates offers a wide variety of dental crowns. From CEREC crowns to dental implant crowns, each crown is customized, strong, naturallooking, intended to fix your smile and improve dental functionality.  Ceramic crowns are custom tinted and will match your adjacent teeth, making it nearly impossible for someone to notice the difference between your natural teeth and tooth crown. 
Dental crowns repair discoloration, cracking and chipping while strengthening your bite and enhancing the longevity of the restored tooth. The most frequently recommended crown types to choose from include ceramic, metal, or ceramic-over-metal crowns. 
Thanks to our advanced CEREC technology, we are able to design and permanently place your custom same-day crown during one appointment. Our Grove Dental doctors have been saving their patients the inconvenience of making a second appointment for years and have been recently recognized as some of the top CEREC dental professionals and lecturers in the nation!



Grove Dental Associates was a pioneer in CAD CAM dentistry using CEREC, a one appointment same day approach to making crowns.  Since 2005, Grove Dental patients have loved this advanced technology, where teeth are prepared for crowns and the crowns are permanently placed in a single appointment. Not only are these crowns lifelike and attractive, but they are also made with the strongest ceramics available to dentists. Thanks to this advanced technology, gooey impressions and temporary crowns are a process of the past.  
CEREC/CAD CAM Dentistry works by using a highresolution camera to capture 3D images of your mouth and skeletal structure.  Once the dentist studies the image, they are able to use the CEREC machine to create a custom crown in minutes.
Dr. Stan and Dr. Rick are leaders in the field when it comes to CEREC/CAD CAM Dentistry.  Not only do they use it daily in their own practice, they also frequently give lectures and teach courses to train other dentists about this technology and restoration design nationwide.

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