Grove Dental Associates’ Jamie Perryman was recently named the 2016 Dental Practice Administrator of the Year by the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM). The award was presented Sept. 15 at the AADOM’s Annual Convention in Boca Raton, FL. The AADOM is an organization of professional office managers, practice administrators, patient coordinators, insurance and financial coordinators, and treatment coordinators of general and specialized dental practices. It is the nation’s largest education and networking association dedicated to serving dental practice management professionals, and their mission is to provide their members with networking, resources, and education to help them achieve the highest level of professional development. Each year a committee is formed to select an individual that exemplifies excellence in every aspect of their career and demonstrates a significant benefit to the dental practice they work in. Jamie is absolutely indispensable to Grove Dental Associates and is incredibly deserving of this distinguished honor.

Jamie joined Grove Dental Associates in 2008 when Dr. Stan Crawford and Dr. Rick Miller discovered him at the Northeast Technology Center in Afton, OK where he was working as an administrator. They immediately recognized his talent and drive and invited him to attend the dental practice’s annual planning meeting as an observer and consultant during the meeting he was inspired upon discovering how passionate the entire staff was about improving each patient’s life through dentistry. He was hired as the Director of Operations and has been managing the practice in excellence ever since.
Jamie’s responsibilities as Director of Operations for Grove Dental Associates are extensive, and every action intentionally contributes to his overall goal of ensuring exceptional customer service and the highest quality of health and life to each patient. His favorite part of his job is seeing the transformative difference dental care makes in his community and in each patient’s individual life. Everyone at Grove Dental Associates would like to thank Jamie for all he does for the office, team, and patients, and congratulate him on this much-deserved honor.
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