The staff at Grove Dental Associates functions as a team but the dynamic is more like a family. The business is family-run and family-focused. The practice that originated in 1969 can attribute much of it ’s growth to the vision and drive of the employees. As of 2018, Grove Dental Associates has a staff that is multi-generational. The “Legacy Families” pictured above are: (L-R) Dr. Leonard Miller and son Dr. Rick Miller, Holly Tullis CDA with daughter Bailee Bronson RDH, Jamie Perryman and son Jacob Perryman, Lorrie Reppart with daughter Tiffany Morrison, and Evelyn Brodrick with granddaughters Emily Blythe RDH and Megan Porter. Out of the 31 employees, over half have worked at Grove Dental for more than a decade, and five employees have coworkers that are more than familiar! They are related! What a blessing to know that one’s hard work truly is inspiring others and leaving a legacy!