Grove Dental Associates offers a wide variety of dental crowns. From CEREC crowns to dental implant crowns, each crown is customized, strong, natural–looking, intended to fix your smile and improve dental functionality. Ceramic crowns are custom tinted and will match your adjacent teeth, making it nearly impossible for someone to notice the difference between your natural teeth and tooth crown. Dental crowns repair discoloration, cracking and chipping while strengthening your bite and enhancing the longevity of the restored tooth. The most frequently recommended crown types to choose from include ceramic, metal, or ceramic-over-metal crowns. Thanks to our advanced CEREC technology, we are able to design and permanently place your custom “same-day crown” during one appointment. Our Grove Dental doctors have been saving their patients the inconvenience of making a second appointment for years and have been recently recognized as some of the top CEREC dental professionals and lecturers in the nation! Learn more

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are the best alternative to regular fillings when it comes to treating larger areas of trauma or decay in teeth. Made of natural-looking porcelain or ceramic materials, inlays and onlays are digitally customized and designed by our staff to fit into a tooth’s cavity. To compare and explain it simply, inlays or onlays are determined by the size and location of the tooth’s area needing treatment. Onlays lay on top of the tooth and cover a damaged cusp, while inlays lay within the tooth’s structure. Ceramic inlays and onlays are made of a stronger material than regular fillings and are designed and bonded to the original and healthy part of the tooth. Best of all, using our advanced CEREC Technology, Grove Dental will design and place your customized restoration in one appointment instead of sending the work out to an offsite lab! Learn more


Missing teeth can cause a variety of difficulties, from cosmetic appearance, impaired eating and speaking, to shifting of the remaining teeth. Whether one tooth is missing or all teeth are unsalvageable, dental implants are a strong, long-lasting tooth replacement option. Dental implants consist of a synthetic tooth root, frequently made of titanium, on top of which a dental implant crown (replacement tooth) is attached. In addition to replacing missing teeth, implants can also be used to secure removable appliances, such as bridges, dentures, and partials. Dental implants are the ideal solution to replace missing teeth because they look, feel and function just like a natural tooth.
The placement of dental implants is a very precise procedure. In order to guarantee the accuracy needed, Dr. Stan Crawford often uses a 3-D scan acquired by the Sirona Galileos Scanner, to virtually place the implant before the patient comes into the office for the actual procedure. Once Dr. Crawford has virtually planned the implant surgery, a surgical guide or template is fabricated in our lab, which will then be used at the implant surgery and placement appointment. The customized guide allows the doctor to insert the implant at exactly the right angle and depth needed. Therefore, the use of the surgical guide reduces the chance of the implant failing, and aids in a faster recovery for the patient. Learn more

Orthodontics – Invisalign & Braces

Achieving a picture-perfect smile is possible when you select Grove Dental Associates for your orthodontic needs. For many, having perfectly straight and aligned teeth, reaches far beyond the obvious cosmetic benefit. While aligned tee can improve self-confidence and a brighter smile, the proper occlusion – or bite – can improve chewing ability, prevent tooth wear, and maintain gum health with better cleanability. Our entire clinical staff is trained to treat pediatric orthodontic and pre-orthodontic cases, as well as our high number of adult braces and Invisalign patients. We love seeing how healthy smiles change lives!
We offer a wide range of orthodontic products to meet the needs of our patients that include metal or clear ceramic brackets, custom–made removable appliances that correct crowding or spacing, Invisalign with V-Pro treatment accelerators, and several types of retainers to maintain your new smile.
Dr. Rick Miller is a certified and Preferred Provider of Invisalign orthodontics. These invisible braces work through a series of clear, removable, and comfortable aligners that don’t attract attention to your orthodontic treatment. Invisalign gives you a reason to smile more during treatment, as well as after. It has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontic practices nationwide, and has become so much of a treatment standard that over 70% of U.S. Board Certified Orthodontists are now providing it as an alternative treatment to traditional metal braces.
If you would like to ask any questions, review some before-and-after cases, or see what it would take to get your healthy smile, please call to set up a free orthodontic consultation with Dr. Rick Miller. Learn more

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes dental health is about more than function and hygiene. Feeling confident in your smile can give you the courage to take a chance and make a move forward in both your personal and professional life. Grove Dental Associates excels in all aspects of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, onlays, dental implants, and tooth colored fillings — all designed to give you the perfect smile you deserve. Our goal at Grove Dental Associates is to create a plan customized to help you achieve your best smile and in turn, be your best self. Learn more


At Grove Dental Associates, porcelain veneers are a simple way to get nearly immediate results that will completely reshape your teeth and smile. They can often be alternatives to crowns and an ideal solution in treating discolored, misshapen, crowded, spaced, and worn or chipped front teeth. Veneers are very thin pieces of durable, tooth-shaped porcelain that are custom-made by a professional dental laboratory. They are then bonded onto the front of the anterior teeth to create a beautiful picturesque smile. Our doctors at Grove Dental Associates have years of experience and many before-and-after cases to show you the life-changing effect excellent restorative dentistry can have. Learn more

Sleep Disorder Treatment

Grove Dental Associates is not only committed to the oral health of our patients, but to their overall systemic health as well. Sleep quality plays a critical role in your overall health, so we have sought out specialized training and technology to help identify, educate, diagnose, and treat patients who suffer from sleep disorders. Another reason to consider participating in our sleep study process, is that we have added the capability to file this treatment for your sleep disorder to your medical insurance company for coverage! Many people who snore actually suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea. If left untreated, sleep apnea can have serious and life-shortening consequences such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, automobile accidents caused by falling asleep at the wheel, diabetes, depression, acid reflux, extreme fatigue, and other ailments. Grove Dental Associates offers at-home sleep studies, comparable to a hospital sleep tests, and then works with our patients and their primary physicians to find the optimal solution for each individual. These solutions include sleep apnea machines such as a CPAP, as well as dental oral appliances or mouthguards. We are dedicated to identifying and treating sleep apnea in order to boost the overall health and well-being of our community.
A majority of people who grind their teeth during sleep are not even aware they do so.
Teeth grinding can damage your teeth and jaws, create an insufficient sleep quality, bring joint or muscular discomfort, and leave you with a headache the next day. Prolonged teeth grinding can lead to tooth decay and sensitivity while also permanently damaging your TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). Dentists at Grove Dental Associates aim to fix teeth grinding in patients by prescribing a custom mouth guard. Mouth guards are specially made and fit to protect the teeth from grinding, interrupt the habit, and prevent further damage to the teeth and TMJ. Learn more

Pediatric Dentistry

Learning about dental health at a young age is critical for a life filled with good dental hygiene, habits, and health. We recommend that children begin learning and participating in healthy dental habits between 3 and 4 years of age. It truly begins at home, but helping your child to learn to trust their dental providers will benefit all parties involved!
Grove Dental Associates provides the best children’s pediatric dentistry in the area. Dr. Audrey Crawford, as a mother of six children, understands the importance of education and empowerment in children’s dental care, nd provides a fun and stress–free atmosphere for your child’s appointments. Her team’s passion for working with children enables them to make every trip to the dentist enjoyable. Utilizing movies, Ipads, nitrous oxide “laughing gas,” occasional manicures, education, and prayer, we want our children to be proud of their smile and of their behavior by learning the routines in their dental visits and efficient home care. Grove Dental is dedicated to providing the care and education necessary to put your child on the right path to strong and beautiful teeth.
Grove Dental Associates can provide much more than general dentistry for kids as well. Dr. Rick Miller frequently treats children between the ages of 8 and 12 that will benefit from preventative orthodontics, which intercepts mal-alignment problems before they become severe. Dr. Audrey Crawford also provides a very common frenectomy laser treatment that adjusts the muscle ligaments in the lip attachments or “tongue-tie,” that can impede a child’s speech, infant nursing, and teeth-alignment issues. Learn more

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a fast-growing trend that is becoming the preferred method of completing dental treatment by patients across the country. With these services, procedures that would normally take a series of visits can now be consolidated! Grove Dental Associates offers two forms of sedation: nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and oral conscious sedation.
One form of sedation dentistry available for all ages, is nitrous oxide or “laughing gas.” We understand that the dentist office can often generate anxiety for many patients, especially if one is experiencing pain or requires a more complex procedure. Nitrous oxide gas allows the body and mind to relax more completely, increases the effectiveness of local anesthesia, and reduces the sensation of passing time without being fully asleep. It is administered by certified and licensed professionals and monitored throughout the entire appointment. Nitrous oxide is a great benefit to those patients that need the “edge” taken off, but still need to be able to drive and fully function. This can be very beneficial if patients require complex or multiple procedures in a single sitting.
To ensure we provide the best fit for each patient, we also offer oral conscious sedation dentistry for adults. Dr. Stan Crawford has received advanced training in every aspect of oral conscious sedation. The patient is prescribed an oral sedative prior to the appointment’s start time allowing Dr. Stan Crawford and his team provide total comfort, monitored and sedated relaxation while he works to restore their smile. With this type of sedation, the patient is required to have a driver and will leave our office with complete restorations and no recollection or anxiety from their dental treatment! Learn more

Periodontics/Gum Health

If left untreated, gum disease can lead to severe damage of the mouth including tooth loss. Like the common health issue of high blood pressure, periodontitis is a “silent” disease and infection, that may not be physically evident to the patient until it is severely too late. Our team of dentists and hygienists at Grove Dental Associates, have a passion for treating and preventing this disease with early diagnosis and gum measurements at every check up appointment.
Periodontitis is a chronic bacterial infection of the supporting tissues (jawbone and gum tissues) that hold your teeth in place and affects people of all ages. Poor oral hygiene, health conditions, tobacco use, and certain medications are frequent contributors to gum infections. Periodontal disease usually begins as gingivitis, and if not treated, can advance to periodontitis.
Signs of gingivitis include red and swollen gums that bleed easily. As plaque spreads and grows below the gum line, toxins are produced by the bacteria in the plaque. The toxins then stimulate a chronic inflammatory response, making the body turn on itself, destroying the tissue and bone that support the teeth. Gums separate from the teeth, forming pockets that then become infected and simultaneously defect the surrounding jawbone. If the disease is not treated, the pockets deepen and eventually teeth can become loose and may have to be removed.
Gum disease can often be prevented and reversed by following your dentist’s advice for good oral hygiene habits. For more advanced cases of gum disease, Grove Dental Associates offers the professional treatment of SCRP (scaling and root planning) or LANAP. Scaling and root planning is the staple treatment for early to moderate periodontal disease and is done by our registered dental hygienists. Comparatively, the LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) surgery is a laser periodontal therapy performed by Dr. Audrey Crawford. LANAP is used to treat the gum disease and the bone loss associated with it; LANAP is a “no-sew surgery” and is a successful alternative to conventional periodontal flap surgery. Learn more


A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth and literally will bridge gaps between teeth with connected and natural–looking artificial teeth. A bridge is a non-removable solution for a healthier mouth. Most bridge restorations are designed in collaboration by our dentists and our dental laboratories to match and enhance your existing bite and smile.
Tooth replacement helps avoid the shifting of surrounding teeth and the potential structural changes to your mouth and jaw. A dental bridge is custom-made to match your natural teeth in color, size, and shape. We use strong and durable materials for the restoration that will include one or more of the restored neighboring teeth, used to anchor the replacement or artificial tooth. With appropriate at-home and professional care, your dental bridge can last for years. Learn more


A bright white smile can greatly enhance your self-image, and, as a result, your self-confidence. Unfortunately, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and tobacco can leave behind surface stains on your teeth. Grove Dental Associates can restore your confident smile with professional teeth whitening. A custom made, in-home whitening kit that uses prescription strength whitening agents is the most effective and common treatment for our patients. We also offer Zoom in-office whitening treatment for patients that desire immediate results. Contact us to schedule a whitening consultation, and we’ll prepare a customized plan to give you the brightest smile possible! Learn more


Dental bonding or resins are molded to the teeth like fillings and allow for the replacement of small and damaged tooth structure with tooth-colored material. Due to its natural appearance, dental bonding can also be used as an excellent cosmetic treatment option when the minor corrections and repairs do not require the use of porcelain veneers or crowns. In a single visit, a tooth that is stained, chipped, cracked, or misaligned can be transformed. Bonding also can be used to fill in small gaps between teeth or protect the sensitive root of a tooth from irritation. In the bonding procedure, we will expertly apply a thin coat of resin, which then is cured under a high-intensity light, to a natural hardness and durability. This simple cosmetic procedure can dramatically improve your smile by restoring youthfulness and beauty to your teeth.