Lorrie Reppart

Accounts Recievable

Lorrie has been working as Grove Dental’s insurance coordinator since 1995. Lorrie loves spending time with her GDA family and getting to know each patient. She says that the trick in the insurance world is to have a lot of patience. When away from the office, Lorrie loves to spend time as “Mimi,” to her grandchildren. Thus, Lorrie never gets tired of seeing a beautiful GDA and healthy smile!


Ashley Bateman

Insurance Coordinator

Ashley is an insurance coordinator and recently has been digging her heels into the world of medical billing, with Grove Dental’s new sleep disorder studies and treatments. While she wasn’t looking to get into the dental world, she fell in love with the industry and hasn’t looked back. Ashley strives to treat each patient as if he or she was her own family member. “I know we offer the best, and I fully believe every patient deserves the best.”


Rhonda Hendrix

Treatment Coordinator

Rhonda and her family have been long-term residents of the Grove area and faithful patients at GDA. As a patient, Rhonda identified the high standard of care GDA provided. When she joined the team, her meek and mild personality did not keep her from presenting patients with that same standard and relational aspect, expected of GDA team members. Coworkers deemed her a “calming force.” Rhonda enjoys time with her husband Mason and daughter Josie on their family farm. Fun fact: Rhonda’s brother owns a popular food truck in the area called Ginger Jakes!


Cassie Thompson

Treatment Coordinator

 Cassie is a treatment coordinator for Dr. Stan Crawford. She enjoys making it financially possible to give our patients a beautiful smile. She lives in Miami, OK, with her two children and husband. Cassie’s hobbies include spending time with her family and traveling with a frequent beach destination!


Janae Schoonover

Treatment Coordinator

As a native to Grove, Janae is a familiar face to many. Janae embraced a career change to the dental industry in February of 2021, but has worked in some aspect of the medical field for many years.  Her interest in dentistry began as a child, watching the dental procedures in the reflection of her dentist’s glasses. Now, she enjoys working with families and helping kids have fun at the dentist! Janae and her husband Jeremy are recent empty-nesters, but love spending time with their adult children, Jordan and Jewellia.


Jake Perryman

Lab Technician

 Jake carries many responsibilities at Grove Dental. Since 2012, he has been a lab technician, facility manager, electrician, plumber, and aquatics manager for GDA. Jake is a father of two girls and graduated from NSU with a degree in business administration. Fun fact: Jake was born with 6 EXTRA teeth!

Heidi Chizmar

Dental Hygienist

Heidi has worked as a Dental Hygienist for Grove Dental since 2009, but she also coordinates the scheduling for the hygiene team. She loves to hear her patient’s stories, and particularly enjoys getting to know elderly patients, and making them feel loved in a season where they might not get to have as many friends or interactions. She also loves the challenge of transforming very fearful and phobic patients to GDA rock-stars. “I love making them part of the family. Building trust is a challenge, but it is the most rewarding part of the job. Instead of a patient-provider relationship, it becomes a partnership and friendship.”


Melissa Brown

Dental Hygienist

Melissa Brown is an MSSU grad and has been a dental hygienist at Grove Dental since 1992. She moved to northeast Oklahoma after marrying a Grove native, and has 3 children. She is committed to getting to know each patient individually to provide care specific to them. “It is a joy to live in work in this community, my job allows me to serve and give back others.”


Stacy Rose

Dental Hygienist

Stacy Rose is a native to Grove and has been a dental hygienist at Grove Dental Associates since 2008. Stacy excels in efficiency and organization and has thus been forever nominated as the hygiene department’s leader. She is the person on the team that can “get it done,” and simultaneously offer her patients top quality and skilled dental care. A fun fact about Stacy is that she married her high school sweetheart and both are impressive roller-skaters!


Felicia Wooten

Dental Hygienist

Felicia started at Grove Dental Associates as a patient but knew from an early age that she wanted to be the first person in her family to graduate college, and that she wanted a career in dentistry. In 2018, Felicia graduated from MSSU with her Bachelor’s degree in General Studies and an Associate degree in Dental Hygiene. “I wanted to help people have a smile they are proud of, by providing easy to understand education. I love learning about my patients and getting to be a small part of their lives.” 

Amanda Davis

Dental Hygienist

With a Bachelor’s in health sciences, Amanda Davis has been a dental hygienist for GDA since 2008. Amanda loves getting to know patients and is up for the challenges dentistry offers. She enjoys being out on the lake and says her favorite part of her job is watching patients gain confidence and no longer being embarrassed by their smile.


Bailee Bronson

Dental Hygienist

Bailee is a dental hygienist and also fills in as a dental assistant. Born and raised in Grove, she received her associates from NEO and her Bachelor’s of Health Sciences from MSSU. Bailee’s favorite part of the job is seeing a patient’s transformation. “Whether it’s from a disease state to a state of health or for cosmetic/functional reasons, I love seeing people in good health, happy, and confident after treatment.”


Emily Flanagan

Dental Assistant

Erin Brown

Dental Assistant

Erin Brown originally began her career as a dental assistant doing mission trips with Dr. Stan and Audrey Crawford. Her steady mind and hand keeps her doctors on schedule and performing dentistry at their best level. Erin has 3 children and loves to spend time outdoors, drawing, and painting. Her favorite part of her job is “getting to meet new people and being a part of an amazing team.”


Chelesa Rogers

Dental Assistant

Chelesa brings over 20 years of experience to the team of dental assistants at GDA. She is hard-working, high energy, steady-minded, and a true believer in the direct connection of dental health to overall wellness. Chelesa had first-hand experience in seeing how routine dental care leads to a happier and healthier life, via her grandmother’s tutelage. This is why Chelesa chose to pursue a career in dentistry and has worked clinically and clerically in the dental office, making her an excellent advocate for her patients. If she could offer any advice, she would encourage patients to “relax and trust that we’re going to take really good care of you.” Chelesa has three adult children and spends her extra time as a fitness instructor, hiking, kayaking, or working out.


Mary Miller

Dental Assistant

Mary was recruited to join the team by her sister Rachel. Mary started as an assistant in sterilization which keeps the clinical staff safely equipped and on time! However, she excels at everything she does and also assists the doctors chairside. Mary was excited to work at GDA because of her good experiences as a patient, and wanted to help “behind the scenes,” in order for other patients to have the same experience. Mary works methodically and fast-paced, but truly shines when taking care of our littlest patients. “I know that my job helps lighten the load of my amazing coworkers.” Mary also enjoys baking, good sarcastic commentary, and quality time with her friends (“not necessarily in that order”).

Erin Young

Dental Assistant

Erin has been a dental assistant at Grove Dental since 2010. Her hobbies outside of work include music and martial arts. Erin pursued a dental career because of her mom’s passion as a dental hygienist. Erin’s favorite part of the job is helping a patient build confidence through restoring beauty and health in their smile. Erin’s steady mind and creativity gives her the advantage with challenging cases and providing patients with a comfortable experience.

Tara Sherman

Dental Assistant

Tara has been a Certified Registered Dental Assistant since 2012. She joined the GDA team in early 2018 and was a natural fit with her attention to detail, tenderheartedness, and fun personality. Tara thrives in the dental field because she is able to balance the relational aspect of treatment with clinical excellence. She is a woman of many talents: she is a mother of five, she loves to sing, do yoga, and entertain her grandchildren. Fun Fact: she used to audition for movies and at one time competed with Reese Witherspoon for a movie roll

Rachel Ritchie

Rachel Ritchie

Dental Assistant

Rachel moved to the Grove area to join Grove Dental Associates in July 2020 after beginning her career in dentistry in 2017. She loves that dentistry is never boring since every tooth, every procedure, and obviously, every person is different! The care is customized to the person! “Making a difference in someone’s confidence and life” is her motivation, and what she experienced as an orthodontic patient at GDA. Rachel is known around the office to be a good listener, encouraging, funny, and a “buddy,” to all! She also enjoys hunting, working with her horses, lake activities, and playing with her golden retriever Rosie!


Cortney Jones

Dental Assistant

Cortney joined the GDA team in the Spring of 2019 as a dental assistant. With her outgoing personality, she jumps right in and is quick to help find resolutions. Working with her patients to establish their new normal of health, she is a “fixer,” and loves being involved in transformative dentistry. Cortney grew up in the area, married her high school sweetheart Cecil, and enjoys getting to see lots of familiar faces in the patient chair. Outside the office, she has always loved sports (played college softball), riding horses, hunting, and anything outdoors.


Alisha Breaumier

Dental Assistant

Alisha wears many different “hats,” at Grove Dental and has multi-tasking super powers! She has always been interested in dentistry and joined the team in 2019. She works as a dental assistant, support to the hygiene department and sterilization area, and helps at the front desk! She enjoys the transformative process in dentistry as patients develop their confidence and health simultaneously. Alisha loves spending time on Grand Lake and at her family’s ranch. Other fun facts about Alisha include that she is the only natural red-head on staff, she is known as A-BO to the GDA team, and she has dual citizenship in Canada and the U.S.A.


Holly Tullis

Dental Assistant

Holly Tullis has been a DANB certified dental assistant since 1993. Holly became interested in dentistry after being an American Red Cross Volunteer at a Naval Dental Hospital in Spain. Attending middle school in Iceland and high school in Spain, she landed in Grove after marrying a cowboy from Welch. Holly enjoys hunting, ranching and snorkeling, and is also a movie enthusiast. Holly is known as one of the most organized and methodical GDA employees; she works to perfection and truly gives her patients the top-quality dental treatment and care possible.


Jesse Lucas

Dental Hygienist

 Jesse is a dental hygienist and graduated from NEO and MSSU. Married to her high school sweetheart, Jesse and her husband have two lab “furbabies,” named Bear and Duke. Her favorite part of each day is the staff’s “morning huddle,” when the team takes time to pray for the patients and for the day’s opportunities to serve each person in the building.  Jesse loves forming relationships and partnering with her patients toward lifelong health and dental wellness.