Comprehensive dentistry is about much more than healthy teeth! The team at Grove Dental Associates evaluates multiple other things at every appointment such as gum health, bone structure, TMJ or jawbone alignment, tonsils, adenoids, sinuses, airway health, and much more!
It is obvious that tongue-ties can inhibit speech and treatment is crucial for a number of reasons, but Jennifer – a mother of three – explains here how a dentist’s evaluation and treatment of her children’s tongue and lip-tie changed this family’s life!

Dr. Audrey Crawford utilizes the state of the art Lightscalpel C02 laser, which is a concentrated beam of light that cleanly “erases” or vaporizes the tissue cells, and seals the blood vessels at the same time! It is used to make incisions or to remove unhealthy tissue in a clean and fast manner that also quickens recovery and healing!

This laser is safe for the entire family from infants to adults! It is most commonly used for frenectomies (the release of “tongue-ties” or “lip-ties” for infants to improve breastfeeding or airway maintenance), children (to treat sleep apnea, obstructive airways, jaw development, and speech), and adults (to assist the treatment of snoring, sleep apnea, acid reflux and orthodontics).

Grove Dental Associates is fortunate to provide and share this technology. Jennifer’s story of how Dr. Audrey’s care enabled her sons to simply eat and sleep, is just one example of the hundreds of moms struggling to nurse, care, and fight for the health of their babies! We are so thankful for the life-transforming stories we have the privilege to be a part of every day! We’ve always known that a beautiful smile is of great worth, but it is truly one’s overall health and wellness that changes lives!